Monday, April 29, 2013

J on the way.....

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Friday, January 18, 2013


I love doing these guys' portraits!  Their Mama is so good about doing them on a regular basis, and that means the boys know what to do when a camera comes out!  We have lots of fun playing and running!

We took the photos on Baby L's first birthday.  L was born with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.  In utero and even right after birth the doctors didn't know for sure what his prognosis would be, but lots of scary medical-sounding procedures and terms were in their descriptions.  L had a major surgery right after he was born and since then has been one healthy little boy.  He is definitely a miracle baby!  What a blessing to spend this day--his first birthday--chasing around this smiley, happy, RUNNING!! little man. 

L's mommy wanted a picture of the scar on his chest.  A year ago it took up his entire torso.  Today we had to really work to get it to show up in the light.  So many prayers answered.......   

And he's off!
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Monday, January 7, 2013

Baby F

The rocker Momma was rocked in as a baby will now rock Baby F.  Love stories like that!

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A few from E&L's wedding

LOVE the way he's looking at his bride. 

And I think they are officially the most joyous couple I have ever seen walk back down the isle!  They just COULD NOT stop smiling! 

C more on the way!

I met this family over a year ago when I took Little Man's 6 month photos.  He was a doll and I hit it off with Mom right away--we have a lot in common! 

With the upcoming arrival of another little one, they wanted some family portraits to document their time as a little family of 3.  Mom had gone to grad school at St. Thomas and they had gotten engaged and married there.  It was the perfect setting for some portraits!

This is the bench where they got engaged!  How cool is that!
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V and family

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Payton's mommy was a friend of my college little sister in club.  They grew up in Midland together.  My friend gave Payton's mommy my contact info and I was so excited to meet this sweet family and capture Payton's newborn portraits.   Payton was a sleepy good sport and her parents were very creative, so we had a blast shooting the photos!

Payton's mommy got these pearls from Daddy as her "push present" and they wanted them somehow incorporated in a few of the shots as they'll someday be passed on to her!
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